Our Services

Direct comprehensive national coverage, servicing Nigeria’s 160 million consumers on a daily basis.

Value Added Distribution

Our Services

  • ·Full logistics service from point of manufacture to point of sale: 100 motorbikes, 60 vans, 50 trucks/trailers, operating from over 93 branches
  • · A sales force of over 200 sales professionals selling directly to retailers and covering over 30,000 points of sale and distribution in both urban and rural areas
  • ·Horeca Distribution capability to build brands at points of consumption
What stands us apart from crowd

Our Key Advantages

  • Our regional capability – part of a group with the leading distribution structure in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo and Benin
  • Substantial Financial Resources to invest in our businesses
  • Unparalleled channel focus and coverage nationwide – direct
  • Through direct to store sales, an unrivalled competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • Substantial Financial Resources to invest in our businesses
  • National Price management from wholesale to retail
  • A solid system backbone real time information to manage the business.
  • A leadership committed and willing to invest in building a leading edge full service
  • Seasoned international management team with local expertise.

Technology infrastructure

    • Microsoft Dynamics ERP deployed nationwide
    • GPS fleet tracking system for all vehicles
    • State of the Art Mobile CRM to capture data and sales orders at points of sale
    • CCTV and Alarm system in all branches with 24hours monitoring

Our Offices

BA Distribution has 5 regional offices across in the country. Our headquarters in Lagos with over 600 sq. m. of office space and Regional Offices in Abuja, Enugu, Ibadan and Kano.

Our Warehouses

To accommodate its large portfolio and geographic spread, BA Distribution has over 6,000 sqm of warehouses situated in strategic locations across the country and is in the process of constructing an additional 12,000 sqm.

Our Depots

To fulfill its promise of the best direct coverage in Nigeria, BA Distribution has established a network of over 90 depots that are present in all the 36 states of the Federal Republic. These depots carry exclusively our products and serve local wholesalers, semi-wholesalers and retailers. We are constantly expanding our network of stores.

Our Fleet

To transfer goods nationwide, efficiently, effectively and securely, BA Distribution has an impressive fleet of 60 vans and 50 delivery trucks/trailers.

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